Stilo ST5 CMR Karting Helmet

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The Stilo ST5 CMR Karting Helmet benefits from the latest technology some of which are the same as the other ST5 helmets in the range. With looks that are almost identical our top of the range ST5 Zero helmets as used in Formula 1 by Valtteri Bottas.

The ST5 CMR is also being used by young British Kart Champion, Noah Wolfe in both his UK and European 2023 programmes.

Manufactured in a Kevlar carbon construction, it's not only lightweight but very strong. Stilo's ethos for motorsport helmets: safety, comfort and functionality are paramount and from a company that is only produced motorsport helmets you can guarantee that there is no compromise in what they do.

The Stilo ST5 CMR has an improved interior giving an excellent fit with extreme levels of comfort due to its dual density interior foam lining - once worn you'll never change back. The ST5 CMR helmet has to be used before you truly appreciate the levels of comfort. The tried and tested, the smooth black lining has a proven durability and a finish that looks great which is why it is in the ST5 CMR Karting helmet. 

The Stilo ST5 helmet range has a visor design with a central visor locking system, a feature that will really benefit karters. This new symmetrical visor offers excellent vision and the centrally located locking system has dual opening positions allowing adjustment for the visor to be slightly open for extra airflow, this preferred by some karters in damp conditions or left completely sealed. More importantly in both of these positions, the visor is locked and will never fly open.

The Stilo ST5 CMR comes with a 3mm thick FIA F1 standard visor - adding a dramatic improvement in safety. Available in a large range of different finishes and tints, we also have coloured Irridium options that have been added for a totally bespoke finish. In addition, a double glazed option is available for racing in wet and cold conditions to prevent misting up issues.

There are also a full range of spoilers available for any aerodynamic adjustment that may be needed, but also giving the helmet a great look.

Available in gloss white or radical matt black exterior finish, the ST5 CMR is homologated to the very latest Snell CMR 2016 standard.

  • Junior karting helmet to latest CMR 2016 safety standard
  • Super strong and lightweight Carbon/Kevlar construction
  • Long visor with easy pivot and a two position central locking pin
  • Smallest shell size for better aerodynamics and available in white or matt black
  • Best comfort with multiple adjustments for a bespoke fit (in-store only)
  • Front and rear aerodynamic aids available as an extra

Ten Reasons to buy a Stilo ST5 CMR Karting Helmet:

  • Carbon/Kevlar shell means the ST5 is far stronger and lighter
  • Less weight allows the ST5 to come with a 3mm FIA approved visor (the same as F1) with metal fittings
  • Metal parts fitted while maintaining the weight limits for CMR2016 homologation
  • Same shell design as the F1 variant as used by Valtteri Bottas
  • Full range of Stilo coloured visors available
  • Dual position locking pin to allow air flow without risking the visor flipping up
  • Custom padding available for a tailored fit
  • Full range of front and rear spoilers
  • As quoted by Stilo top drivers Stilo are the most comfortable helmets available
  • Custom painted designs available - please contact us for more information

Stilo ST5 CMR Stats


  • 1200g

Size (Small Shell Only):

  • Extra Small (54cm)
  • Small (55cm)
  • Medium (57cm)
  • Large (59cm)


Helmet Standard: Snell CMR2016